Project Description

Project Title: Sources, Pathways and Environmental Fate of Microplastics

Description: This three-year multidisciplinary project will inform the development and implementation of policy through improved understanding of Microplastic (MP) sources, pathways and environmental fate in freshwater systems in Ireland.  It will be delivered by a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers through a combination of technical, communication and project management work packages.

Objectives of the project include:

  1. To address knowledge gaps and further refine the characterisation of MP sources which are reported in the EPA funded GMIT desk-top study and small scale studies (2014-HW-DS-2).
  2. Identify pollution pathways of MPs and determine the influence of variables, such as rainfall and polymer type, on the pathways and distribution.
  3. Identify potential pathways & transfer rates for MPs within freshwater food web to potentially identify bioindicators for monitoring.
  4. Produce a framework for modelling the mobilisation of MPs and the identification of critical source areas.
  5. Make recommendations for monitoring of MPs
  6. Communicate knowledge obtained within the project to stakeholders

Project Co-ordinator: Dr Roisin Nash

Funding Agency: Environmental Protection   Agency 

Project Start: 16th Jan 2017  Project End : 16th Dec 2022

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