Useful podcasts, links, blogs and apps

Members of the research team and colleagues have been busy disseminating information on plastic litter through the Irish media

rte radio 1

Mooney Goes Wild [podcasts featuring Researchers from GMIT: Dr Simon Berrow, Dr Anne Marie Mahon & Dr Heidi Acampora]


The Bergen Whale

Life in Plastic


Irish Times video [Article featuring Dr Anne Marie Mahon (GMIT)]

Nobody thought this through’: Ireland’s plastic pollution problem 



Eco Eye TV Episodes [Featuring Dr Anne Marie Mahon (GMIT)]

Eco Eye 15 – ‘Ending Waste’

Eco Eye 13 – Episode 9: ‘Rethinking Waste’




BLOG by Dr Heidi Acampora (GMIT): Plastic Tides

BLOG by Alicia Mateos (UCC): The Problem With Plastic

BLOG by Marine Institute: Scientists@Sea

BLOG by Gijsbert Tweehuysen (Zuyd University): Waste free waters

 Microplastics_Lusger et al 3  


An Taisce logo

Clean Coasts


Marine Institute


 The litter Monitoring body

Declg logo

DECLG water Quality


Policy orientated marine environmental research



APP: Beat the Microbead


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