Rubbish free Rivers leave cleaner Fish Livers

Here is an interesting almost poetic insight written by a couple of GMIT college students after coming across microplastics on a stroll one evening:

“It was a warm, tranquil autumn eve as I strolled gracefully along the banks of a glistening and what was once a highly secluded waterway, illuminated  by the remaining rays cast upon it by a fading sun, that I discovered the true grotesque nature of unsightly material which now engulfs the borders of many of our rivers and lakes, and has tarnished the true elegance and beauty of these once, very peaceful freshwater environments. This unsightly material that I am referring to is the plastic debris such as food wrappers and polystyrene cups which are now found commonly discarded along pathways adjacent to rivers and lakes and have also accumulated within the banks of our waterways.”

So, what does it come down to ‘Laziness and Ignorance’ perhaps??

Not thinking of were that discarded plastic bottle ends up once it leaves your hand as you throw it away …. The fragmentation of the plastic through the elements allowing the macroplastics (larger than 5mm) to make there way via wind and rain to our waterways washed up onto the banks upon which they are further broken down to microplastics…

What can be done??

Awareness and education is often the key to solving any problem if the person knew that the microplastics from their waste bottle could make it into their own drinking water would they think twice….

Food for thought until our next insight into microplastics!!

Pond Monaghan

A pond in Co. Monaghan [Photo Credit: ©Róisín Nash]


Welcome to my blog on all that is micro and plastic!

MDeegan Lake Monaghan

A lake in Co. Monaghan [Photo Credit: ©Malcolm Deegan]

Over the next few years we will be exploring our freshwater systems and micro-plastic pollution. As a very topical subject in Ireland at the moment it is an exciting time to be involved in this research. Are what we are hearing and reading just the tip of the iceberg? I hope to share with you not only my findings but also interesting articles on and around the topic

So what do you think? I have started my blog with a poll to see what you are thinking….